Webinar: StarDrop's Card View: Break Free from Spreadsheets

This Webinar was presented by Matt Segall on 7th November 2014.

StarDrop's new Card View is a ground-breaking and intuitive way to view compounds and their relationships in the context of your discovery projects. It breaks free from restrictive 'chemical spreadsheets' that make it difficult to find optimal compounds and key structure-activity relationships.

Card View presents compound structures and associated data on cards that can be moved, stacked and linked with complete freedom. This enables you to explore your compounds and data the way you think about them and quickly make good decisions.

Card View's unique and flexible environment is also ideal to work with methods, such as clustering or matched pair analysis, that help to analyse complex project data. The results are presented in a visually intuitive way, making them easy to interpret and quickly draw conclusions.

Duration: 54:53

Video tags: Presentations and Webinars